Your Training Evaluation is crucial...

Pointing Bob

Lesson 1: Gather Feedback Efficiently

  • Use simple and effective paper forms for gathering feedback data
  • Automatically read and export completed form data to your database and reports
  • Staff focus on analysing data, rather than slow and error prone data entry
  • Store digital images of completed forms for instant retrieval and comment review

Lesson 2: Save Costs

  • Remove the need for additional staffing
  • Save additional staff administration costs
  • Lower demand for additional office space for an expanding team
  • Increase productivity to maximise throughput from existing team members

Lesson 3: Save Time

  • Remove slow and error prone data entry caused by manual keying of data
  • Automate feedback data directly into reporting systems
  • Turn feedback into data faster for more responsive training improvement
  • Increase speed whilst improving data accuracy


White Paper: Valuable Training Evaluation